Affordable Care Act

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What is the Affordable Care Act?

Simply put, it is the new health care reform law in America, which was signed into effect March 23, 2010. It is sometimes also referred to as Healthcare Reform Law, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. This Affordable Care Act law requires everyone to get health insurance coverage, or face penalties. The Affordable Care Act was put into effect to protect American families and make obtaining affordable healthcare available to all, regardless of pre-existing conditions.

There are certain key factors involved in the Affordable Health Care Act.

  • Stronger Consumer Rights and Protections
    You can no longer be overcharged or disqualified for pre-existing conditions.
  • More Affordable Coverage
    This has led to more value for your money in regard to health care. There are also more regulations regarding rate increases. You also may qualify for help to pay premiums. This, in turn, has made health insurance options more affordable for some.
  • Better Access to Care
    The Affordable Care Act has given more choices and better access to care by requiring insurers to cover many recommended preventative services, such as various screening tests. The Affordable Care Act also has allowed young people who are not able to obtain healthcare through their employment to stay on their parents plan until age 26. The institution of the Health Insurance Marketplace had made shopping for lower premiums and qualifying for assistance easier for the consumer.
  • Stronger Medicare
    For the millions of older Americans and those with disabilities who rely on Medicare, the Affordable Care Act has given additional benefits, such as lower cost prescriptions and free preventative services. Greater regulations regarding fraud protection gives additional peace of mind. The Affordable Care Act has allowed for the improvement of quality and care coordination and additionally, has regulated unnecessary hospital readmissions.

In the beginning it seemed to be somewhat confusing. By now, you no doubt have a greater idea as to how the Affordable Care Act affects you personally. The Affordable Care Act law opened up the opportunity for everyone in America to be able to obtain health care coverage. To accommodate the need for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Health Care Act, there are now healthcare exchanges, or the marketplace in which you can shop for individual health care policies. However, there continues to be updates to the Affordable Care Act.

Why contact Stream Benefits Group Insurance about the Affordable Care Act?

That is why we at Stream Benefits Group have made it a priority to know the law, to stay updated, and give our customers the best advice for adhering to the Affordable Care Act. As the owner of Stream Benefits Group, let me assure you that I have taken the necessary courses and passed the exams to be a Certified Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Specialist. With regard to your business healthcare needs or as individuals, please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or concerns you have regarding the Affordable Care Act.

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