Affordable Care Act – Individual Plan Changes

During the past few months there have been numerous changes and adjustments to the individual plans offered under the Affordable Care Act(ACA).   And this past week we received word of another delay in the implementation of the program.

Many of you signed on to the “early renewal” option with your current plan last December 1st.  And some of you were able to get health insurance coverage by December 31st, thereby getting on the medically underwritten programs.  Some of you have been grandfathered with your older plan because you hadn’t made any adjustments to it for a few years.

But for those of you that obtained coverage after January 1st you are now on one of the ACA compliant plans.  This coverage offers full coverage of the Essential Health Benefits(EHB) which include maternity and pediatric dental.  The rating and payment methods are also different.

And now word comes out of Washington of a delay in implementing ACA plans for all individuals.  The president announced last week that a two(2) year delay was being requested.  What does this mean?  We are still awaiting specific points from the insurance regulators, but in general, if you have a non ACA compliant plan, you may not need to move into an ACA plan for some time.

Bottom line…if you have any questions or receive letters from the insurance carriers that seem to be confusing or contradicting, please contact me.  Also, I am able to assist you if you would like to research an ACA plan either on or off the Exchange.  And thank you again for allowing me to work with you on your insurance needs.