Affordable Care Act Individual Health Insurance Plans

The 4th quarter of 2014 has been very interesting for individual health insurance plans.  The insurance carriers are handling their renewals in different ways.  Here are some of the key issues that you may be facing:

  • My plan design is coming to an end on December 31, 2014 and I need to move into a new Affordable Care Act(ACA) plan and rate.
  • My current plan design is being renewed December 1, 2014 for another year but I have a very large rate increase.
  • My physician and hospital network is changing effective January 1, 2015 and I may have to make a change with my provider.
  • I keep hearing about the Healthcare Exchange but I have many questions how it works.

You should have received a letter from your insurance carrier stating your situation.  And, during the past few weeks, my office has tried to reach out to as many of you and walk you through your particular situation.

If you had not heard from me, or if you have any questions about your insurance program, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  We will work hard to make sure your needs are met.

Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving.