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Medicare Insurance

Medicare is one aspect of the health insurance industry that can be quite challenging and at times, hard to understand. Stream Benefits group in the Kirkwood, St. Louis area can help you sift through the many aspects of Medicare health insurance.

Medicare is a Federal health insurance program that has been designed to assist the elderly and certain disabled Americans. It will normally pay for hospital and medical care costs. There are two main parts; Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. In addition, there are two additional parts that can provide more flexibility and cover some of the cost associated with prescription drugs. These are referred to as Part C and Part D.

Medicare Part A Insurance

Medicare Part A normally has been paid for by payroll tax dollars and therefore has no additional co-pays. It will help to pay for hospital stays. This includes meals, supplies, testing and lab work, and a semi-private room. In addition, Medicare Part A will also normally pay for home health care, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy if it is considered medically necessary and provided on a part-time basis. Many times it will also cover care in a skilled nursing center, as well as equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs.

Medicare Part B Insurance

Medicare Part B does have a monthly fee and includes benefits such as doctor and nurse services, X-Rays, laboratory and diagnostic testing.  Stream Benefits Group can go over all of the details with you and help you understand not only the fees, but also the benefits of Medicare..

Medicare Part C Insurance

Medicare Part C is considered Supplemental Plans.  These plans fill the gaps in coverage of Medicare Part A and Part B programs.  They are purchased through private health insurance companies.  Stream Benefits Group are experts at helping you find the right plan to fit your health care needs.

Medicare Part D Insurance

Medicare Part D is also administered by a private health insurance company and provides coverage for prescription drugs. There are many plans designed with different costs and covered medications. In this plan, there will also be a monthly premium and a deductible.

Stream Benefits Group will help you make informed choices regarding all of your Medicare needs. We will discuss the benefits and costs of all of the parts of Medicare in order to guide you through the decision making process. Call us today to set up a private, free of charge consultation.